Corporate History


From Small Survey Team to Top Ten in Construction and Biggest Dredging Capabilities in the Far East


Starting from a small survey team, “I used to share a small room in Palomo Building at Azcarraga Street (now Claro M. Recto Avenue) in Manila with three lawyers in 1949 and we had only one secretary for the four of us,” reminisced Mr. Felipe F. Cruz, the company’s founder. Combining his Civil and Geodetic Engineering degrees, he managed the small survey team to rise from its humble beginnings. A surveying and engineering construction company was incorporated in October 1954 and grew to be one of the big names among the Top Ten in the Philippine Construction Industry.


“Accuracy” is the strict policy of the company’s operation from the start. As a result, F. F. CRUZ & CO., INC., established a reputation of precision service in various surveys; cadastral, public land subdivision, relocation, mineral land lease, hydrographic and topographic survey by conventional or digital photogrammetric method. 


From P50,000 Initial Capital to Category “AAA” and Multi-Billion Peso Assets.


From its initial paid up capital of P50,000 when it was incorporated in 1954, F. F. CRUZ & CO., INC. has grown into a diversified general engineering contractor with multi-billion pesos in total assets. The company is rated as “AAA” under the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board and maintained through the years its position as one among the Top Ten construction firms in the Philippines.


Continuous expansion outlines the phenomenal growth of F. F. CRUZ & CO., INC. Undiminished dynamism in
meeting the challenge of time explains its continuous efforts to keep abreast with the modern technologies and
equipment. While other companies work to build their reputation, F. F. CRUZ & CO., INC.’s reputation is founded on
what it builds. The company founder was MR. FELIPE F. CRUZ, who was more popularly known among his
colleagues simply as FF. With his professionalism and his pursuit of excellence in his chosen fields in Geodetic
Engineering and Civil Engineering, his uncommon foresight and great passion in producing results, he transformed
the small surveying outfit into a full-service engineering construction firm. The company today is built on his values
and legacy of providing to its clients quality, excellence and reliability.


Unsurpassed International Record in Surveying


During in its early years, the company established an international record, which surpassed all other surveying firms
in the country. It has the only group of Filipino Surveyors hired by the U.S. Government for the sophisticated geodetic
surveys in the Southwest Pacific area to the West Coast of the United States and up to the North Pacific in Alaska, to
determine the exact distances between the geographic points in different islands in the Pacific Basin. The U.S.
Government reiterated its trust in the company`s capability with sole source category contracts for occultation and
astronomical surveys extending from the U.S. Mainland, Hawaii to South Vietnam, Alaska, Iran, Saudi Arabia, New
Zealand, South Vietnam, Cambodia, Borneo, Okinawa and the Philippines: Satellite Triangulation-Project Betty, and
followed by another sole source contract for world-wide tracking of geodetic satellites SECOR (Sequential Collation
of Ranges) System. These were year-to- year contracts that started in 1958 and completed in 1970.
Working solely on company operated projects or in association with foreign engineering firms, F. F. Cruz & Co., Inc.,
has accomplished engineering surveys in Syria, Bangladesh, Palau, Diego Garcia, North Borneo, Vietnam and
Indonesia in the province of Riau, Sumatra selatan and east Kalimantan.


Aerial Photogrammetric Survey Build-up 


The company formed its Aerial Surveys Division and offered the first aerial photogrammetric surveying in the country in 1965. Starting with two airplanes equipped with aerial cameras, a photo laboratory with complete facilities, stereo
plotters and mapping equipment, it was commissioned by the Philippine Government (Department of Agrarian
Reform) to undertake aerial photography of 13 million hectares of land covering almost the whole island of
Mindanao, Central North West Luzon and the island of Panay and Palawan. Up to present, the company has
covered about three-fourths of the whole Philippines with aerials photos. In 1997, the company embarked with a grandiose plan of upgrading its photogrammetric MAPPING FACILITIES. From the analog to digital photogrammetry, in less than a year, it has become the biggest in the industry in terms of number of photogrammetric equipment, workstations and projects. It has the most advanced accurate scanner to
convert the analogue film/negative to digital images. Evolvement into Engineering Design, Construction and Heavy Equipment

With the increasing demands of a developing country for engineering and construction services, the company
ventured in civil engineering and architectural engineering services with accelerated growth. In a span of five (5)
years, from 1965 to 1970, almost simultaneously, the Engineering Division, Construction Division and the Heavy
Equipment Division started operations evolving from surveying into a total engineering and construction firm.


Heavy construction started in 1972 with an initial project of 33 kilometer road from Camarines Sur to Albay, a segment of the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highways. This was followed with other contracts for highways andbridges. Construction contracts for a series of geothermal power plants, seaports and ferry terminals, waterworks and sewerage system, office buildings, housing projects, irrigations and other civil works were added during the succeeding years amounting to billions of pesos in total contract amount. In its awareness of the country`s 7,107 islands’ need for ports and harbors development, F. F. Cruz & Co., Inc., prepared for the challenge and expanded its facilities and equipment for seaport construction and marine works.


The Company’s Marine Division was formed to meet the country`s growing needs for more ports and marine
facilities. The company currently has the largest civil works marine fleet in the country and the biggest dredging
capabilities in the Far East.

In construction, F.F. Cruz is a leading highway contractor, a specialist in dams and flood control works and a
pioneer in advanced micro-tunneling technology and balanced cantilever bridge work.

Through the years the company diversified in various business ventures connected with construction. It founded and

1. Philippines Technical Consultant Corp. - a provider of Technical Engineering and Design Services;
2. Geotechnics Philippines – The country’s leading company in providing technological innovations for premium
value geotechnical services and reliable results; and
3. The Mandaue Realty Resource Corp. – One of the nation’s largest land reclamation development companies.


Human Resources

The company’s ability to effectively provide useful services depends on the skills, dedication and training of its
thousands of employees. A description of the achievements of F. F. Cruz & Co., Inc. through the years would fill
volumes but they would not just narrate the engineering accomplishments, but also highlight the accomplishments
of F. F. Cruz people who proudly identify themselves as the “FFCRUZIANS”.


The qualities of F. F. Cruz & Co., Inc., are personified in the men and women who contribute their special skills
and talents to explore, innovate and produce. Out of the company`s full-time employees, a greater number have
college and/or advanced degrees and are directly involved in providing engineering, design, consulting,
construction and other related services.

The company encourages its employees to develop and grow to their fullest potential and provides opportunities
for their continuing education and training for their personal development to pursue a standard of excellence while
contributing their fullest measure to the company`s objectives.